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Welcome to my Linkedin profile intro

In 1982 I registered a patent(see registration number and date on my Linkedin profile) applying mathematics to language learning, then authored a digitilized chat bot which was successfully distributed as a CALL(Computer-assisted Language Learning) chat bot with natural language parsers.
I felt like a pioneer on the frontier. But a lone ranger in those days. It was an indeed a revolution but not a disruptive mass innovation on the low end of the market as it is today.
So I went on exploring voice recognition, face recognition, expert systems, neural networks and about everything in the book until I became a full stack AI expert.
I've always managed to find enough corporate interest in the field to sustain research. However, in the beginning it was a lonely trip. We were only a few and often mocked by many with a "Ha, artificial intelligence software that can replace human tasks ? That will never happen !".
Now those who would make fun of chat bots would be mocked ! And all of that thanks to growing computer power, knowledge and most of all a great AI world community, especially on Linkedin.
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